Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Love and War

Hey there broadcast viewers!

now I have this "friend" (but really it is a friend, the use of the ".." should not let anyone think that I mean me, cause I don't, it really truly is a friend).

so anyway, my "friend" (not me) is having a problem with their significant other... is basically, if you love me, you'll move. (and by move, I mean to a shit hole)

now I advised my "friend" (I swear, its not me) not to go... I did this because my "friend" (can't be advising myself now can I) asked for my honest opinion. so I gave it.

if you want blunt, no holds barred honesty, then I'm the person you wanna see!!! oh, and I'm a tact free zone. has its good points and its bad... I just run with it!

I personally think it is wrong for anyone to say, I came here for you, now you have to go there for me! especially when they DIDN'T come here for them... then its just them being selfish!!!

is anyone else confused yet... cause I sure as hell am.

anyway, now my "friend" is really having a hard time of it all, to go, to stay and loose that person. but I personally think, that the person should stop being selfish, and work out a compromise. yep, thats what I think!!!

thanks, needed to vent.

Friday, July 22, 2005

msg replies

some people reply fast, some slow..

like all the colour and variety in the world, such is the variety of text msg repliers.

some can't seem to wait to reply to you, the msg comes back and its almost like you are having a *gasp* conversation!!!!

other, days may pass and as yet there has been no reply, only to receive one days later... now I'm sure we have all heard the "oh I ran out of credit" line.... bull's pizzle!! if you run out of credit that much, get your ass on a plan I say!!!!

or you know for FACT that they just bought credit, and they are merely a lazy so and so...

now yes I understand, that some people do not see text msg's as a valid form of communication, and that speedy replies are not important. unfortunately, for those of us who do consider them as such, the delayed replies are excruciatingly painful!

wanna see a movie?? 3 days later... sure... well I'm busy now! if you'd replied 3 days ago when I sent it we would have seen the movie already!!!!!

perhaps I am over-reacting? let me confer with myself... nope, we all agree, I am overreacting.

but really, it is sooooooooooooooooooo frustrating!!

so too the 2 people who read this blog! (and I know one of you replies straight away anyway) remember, out there is someone dying for your reply!

For heavens sake, put them out of their misery!!!!

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

brain connected to comp

brain blurt:

it has been brought to my attention that at times I seriously resemble someone who has somehow managed to connect my brain directly to the computer in place of the keyboard.

the continuous stream of my consciousness converted into text!

in person I do not feel the need to censor what I say, honestly is the best policy... the blunter the better.
I am the person who says what you are thinking, and want to say, but just don't feel that it is appropriate.

there was a time in my life where I watched what I said, and behaved... and for that, I was penalise, and hence I developed into the new and improved me!

no brain filter, straight through!!!

luckily for me, I'm just insane, not mean!! hahahah

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

were once I dreamed

tired eyes droop over what could have been
a sad smile lingers upon thoughts of yesterday

were has it gone? who took it?

I didn't need it until it was gone.

silent tears fall upon the ashes of dreams
scattered to the nine winds of change


Saturday, July 09, 2005

Brain filters

ahhhh, brain filters... I don't have one of those, I have it on good authority that they can be very useful, but I've never felt the need to have one installed. And anyway, sounds like it would be a painful procedure... not to mention the side effects!!!!

ACK!! having to actually consider what I say?? BEFORE I say it!! NEVER, you can't make me!!

its my innate ability to drivel shit that endears me to people (well I'm hopin' it is, but then... that may explain why I don't have many friends... hmmmmmmmm) Enough!! to think is to ponder, to ponder is to sit around looking thoughtful, and to look thoughtful gives you thinking lines!! and gawd knows I don't need thinking lines!

So Avast me hearties!! Destroy the brain filters and let your drivel bask in the sun of free speech!!!!!


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I've lost my blirginity!!

OMG!! its happening!!! too fast, I can't take it!

2 days into the blogging odyssey, and I had my very first ... ooooooooo, that'd make a good blog post! alas alack, well a day!! my soul is lost forever, I shall now wander the earth exclaiming at anything interesting I see "Oh, that'd make an interesting topic to write about in my blog" ing.

why lord why???

*gasp shudder, collapses*

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The next day

I awoke to the world around me... smells in my eyes, colours in my nose... wait, somethings wrong here.

day 2 in my, good god I have a blog saga. what do I do with it? what do I say? if I do say anything, will anyone hear me??

if you scream nosense in a blog and no one is there to read you scream... are you really screaming?

I can tell you, when I looked at the template page I screamed!!! well, okay, so I whimperd. definately time to work on the computer geek within me, its scared and doesn't want to come out into the light (not that I can blame it, the sun is scary) but out we must venture, or cease to exist!

time will tell my friends, time will tell.

Monday, July 04, 2005

I have succumbed

Seduced by the dark side of the blog… or the light side… I really have no idea! But I blame you!! Yes you!! You know who I’m talking about… no not you… you!

Right, now that we have that all cleared up. Were was I… oh yes… I have succumbed. My lord that’s a weird looking word, but then most words when you really look at them are weird. I should be careful... word staring can have bad effects on your brain...

And yes, I like using… I find them strangely comforting… you can pause without pausing… see!!

Okay, so we have established that I am insane.. goodo!

© Zef 2005

"Erotic is using a feather. Kinky is using the whole chicken"