Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Love and War

Hey there broadcast viewers!

now I have this "friend" (but really it is a friend, the use of the ".." should not let anyone think that I mean me, cause I don't, it really truly is a friend).

so anyway, my "friend" (not me) is having a problem with their significant other... is basically, if you love me, you'll move. (and by move, I mean to a shit hole)

now I advised my "friend" (I swear, its not me) not to go... I did this because my "friend" (can't be advising myself now can I) asked for my honest opinion. so I gave it.

if you want blunt, no holds barred honesty, then I'm the person you wanna see!!! oh, and I'm a tact free zone. has its good points and its bad... I just run with it!

I personally think it is wrong for anyone to say, I came here for you, now you have to go there for me! especially when they DIDN'T come here for them... then its just them being selfish!!!

is anyone else confused yet... cause I sure as hell am.

anyway, now my "friend" is really having a hard time of it all, to go, to stay and loose that person. but I personally think, that the person should stop being selfish, and work out a compromise. yep, thats what I think!!!

thanks, needed to vent.


Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Venting is good.

And btw, I think that moving for a relationship should be a joint decision not a foisted one. Resentment rides high under those circumstances...

6:05 pm  
Blogger Casyn said...

We all enjoy a vent. Jana I didn't like.

I believe that you really are talking about a 'friend'. I wouldn't if your friend had some sort of horrible affliction of the right elbow tho. :-)

I think your friend needs to wake up and smell the horse manure.

1:10 am  
Blogger zef said...

your both very right.

resentment would definately follow if the move was made.

and horse manure might just do the trick!

unfortunately, only time will tell...

1:17 am  

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