Friday, August 26, 2005


I feel like complete crap!

yes world, its me with a cold... and me with a cold is about as good as me in the morning.

basically, keep your damn distance!!!!!

this is a well known rule in my house-hold, when the creature emerges from the cave, do not make eye contact or speak to it, it is a strangely aggressive beast when startled.

similar rule for sick-creature, leave it alone, maybe be nice to it, but don't annoy it.

example: creature gets a phone call (creature was sleeping, but phone call woke it up). now don't walk to within 2 paces of the creature and then gesture for it to go get the other phone!! (which is half the house away!) just give it the damn phone in your hand!!!!! ARGH!!!!

right, time to go away, curl up and die now.

Ta Ta!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Living in fear

Do we all to some extent live in fear?

fear of the new, fear of the old... is being comfortable where you are, just being scared of where you could be if you went for it?

fear of being alone, but if your afraid then your more likely to be alone.

ahhh the paradox of it all.

I'm afraid, been afraid most of my life I think.
was I born this way?
was it instilled in me from a young age by my parents?
don't get me wrong, its not a fear of them, but fear of what could be.

and now, I'm trying to break free of that cycle of fear...
trying to have a go at what I want to be, and guess what. I'm afraid! I'm trying hard to not be, but I know that I am. change is scary, and I'm trying to change my entire world. no safety net, nothing to fall back on. but I must go now, or never shall I do it.

I'm scared, but this could be the best thing I've ever done.

Monday, August 15, 2005

you tell me

should I:

a) continue study in a course that I don't like, and in a subject that I am faking my way through and will prob be found out in the end that I just don't know the content

b) ditch the course, but continue in its vein with different major's (this will take more time)

c) ditch the course, go for a full time job, and using the money, concentrate on what is really important to me.

what do you rekon????

bet you thought I'd gone

done my blog and expired early.

well no, sorry to disappoint you, but I haven't, real life and real stupidity just got in the way, give me some time, and I'll be allllllll over this thing.

toodles pip!

© Zef 2005

"Erotic is using a feather. Kinky is using the whole chicken"