Friday, August 26, 2005


I feel like complete crap!

yes world, its me with a cold... and me with a cold is about as good as me in the morning.

basically, keep your damn distance!!!!!

this is a well known rule in my house-hold, when the creature emerges from the cave, do not make eye contact or speak to it, it is a strangely aggressive beast when startled.

similar rule for sick-creature, leave it alone, maybe be nice to it, but don't annoy it.

example: creature gets a phone call (creature was sleeping, but phone call woke it up). now don't walk to within 2 paces of the creature and then gesture for it to go get the other phone!! (which is half the house away!) just give it the damn phone in your hand!!!!! ARGH!!!!

right, time to go away, curl up and die now.

Ta Ta!!


Blogger Draic said...

I tend to annoy the sick-creature a little too much, considering I AM the sick creature.
Meanwhile, I was going to respond to the multiple-choice question a few posts down, but if i interpret the 'fear' post correctly you may already have made your decision.
I am in fact in a near identical position: a) Take the 'smart' or 'approved' course by continuing with my current degree and probably getting a secure and well-paid job afterwards - if i can work up the enthusiasm.
b) Drop the course and take something else. The trouble being I'd have to decide what is worth changing to.
c) Drop the course and get a job. This is probably the most practical and the least appealing option, as it would need to be full-time work, and I have problems with doing things full-time.
My advice for both of us is to drop the course. I'm looking at taking b). Most likely psychology, as I think i told you. It makes sense because if I don't have a clue what I want to do and I don't know why I don't know what I want to do, then I might as well try figuring out my own mind. If in the process I get a degree and a job, well, problem solved.

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