Friday, September 23, 2005

Skeleton Key

What can I say... movie reviews seem to be something I'm doing just now... cause its my life just now. Not that I have a life... but you, stuff it.

On to the review!

I can sum this movie up in three words. Piece of Crap.

Wait! four words!!! MASSIVE PIECE OF CRAP.

good god, what where they thinking. oooooo, lets make a scary movie... that isn't scary at all.
I was so damn bored through the whole thing.

oh, and the twist, the amazing you'll never guess what twist. yeah, hello. guessed it.

and explained it to my friends, trust me, they too had passed the point of non interest in this movie, just not all of them had gathered where it was going to end up,

I explained, and afterwoods, we all had a laugh about how right I was.

Even the name... the whole, wooooo mustn't go into "that" room. whatever!

if seeing kate hudson on high beam all throughout the movie, or constantly running around in her knickers does it for you, go on, waste your hard earned money on this tanker.

but otherwise, save it up. go see serenity when it comes out. do yourself a favour, and watch a movie with a plot!

The Skeleton Key: recieves... three and a half... oh my god that sucked stars.


Blogger Draic said...

Well, I wasn't exactly planning to see it, but I was mildly interested. Glad you stopped that inclination before it bit me. :-)

1:41 am  
Blogger chrisgonzo9290 said...

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12:44 am  
Blogger Casyn said...

Oooo! Your first spam! How cool. Perhaps you should turn on text verification.

When did you become a movie review blog? Do I see a turf war on the horizon? :-)

12:14 am  
Blogger zef said...

Joy, dating spam... my all time fav.

glad I helped you not to waste your money drac!!

and it became a movie review blog, when my world changed a little, and suddenly movies where all I had going on... scary. so yeah, turf war to ensue. bring it on!!!

11:52 pm  

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