Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Handy hints for a sane life

1. Never agree to direct a Theatre Restaurant.

Just don't do it... especially not as your first show. Do somthing smaller... cause YIKES.. people food, seating arrangements... its enough to drive anyone mad!!!

2. If by some chance to DO agree to direct a Theatre Restaurant, make sure that your entire cast can turn up to at very least 80% of the rehearsals.

Oh yes, sounds so simple, but is so hard. No committment, no role! you heard me, naff off!!!

3. Don't listen to people when they tell you not to worry about organising too much before hand.

They are dead wrong, organise your ass off! every single little detail, don't let anything catch you by surprise.

4. (side note on 2.) When you cast, don't give new people a chance. Not for a Theatre Restaurant.

If you ou have never seen them before, and no one else knows who they are, don't give them a role. Cause trust me, they will dissappoint you.

I'm going to stop now, cause at this point, I could just keep going and going and going...
and none of us want that.

Farewell! and wish me luck... Cause I NEED IT!!!


Blogger Draic said...

I wish you a duck.
Use it well.

... (Was that not right?)

1:19 am  
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